Our Heritage


Beirut, The Paris of the Middle East

Oradina’s story began three generations ago with our founders, an ambitious husband and wife duo. She was passionate about jewelry, and he was a businessman. Together, they opened a crystal shop named La Bijouterie which quickly gained popularity among the French and Arab Beirut elite.

After more than a decade of success, they made the tough decision to leave the country due to the looming Lebanese Civil War. In a hurry, they left everything but their karat gold pieces behind, knowing full well that only solid gold jewelry would increase in value and maintain its appeal over time.


Success in Milan

Ultimately settling in Milan, the fashion capital of the world, they were inspired to start again. But this time, they’d keep to the solid gold tradition. Together, they established relationships with up-and-coming gold artisans and craftsmen throughout Italy — the same suppliers the Oradina family partners with to this day. These relationships, along with the family’s industry expertise and unique designs, allowed them to build a thriving business selling fine gold jewelry to boutiques all over Europe.


Coming to America

After just a few visits to The States, they knew the opportunity was ripe to groom their daughter and her new fiancé for the business. Ready for a challenge, the couple sought to change the way Americans viewed and bought jewelry. And what better place to accomplish that than New York City?

With the support of their artisans and small factories back in Italy, as well as new suppliers in Turkey, they soon found success as a family business. In no time, their fine gold jewelry was displayed in boutiques and major retail stores across the country. 


From NYC to Consumers Everywhere

 After 60 years, a third generation - the couple’s daughter and her husband - with fresh energy and new aspirations was ready to take the family business a step further. After spending time travelling the world for fresh designs and new techniques, they were eager to cultivate relationships with the people actually wearing their product. With decades of experience supplying fine gold jewelry to the world, it was time to go straight to the consumer. And with that, Oradina was born.

While staying true to the family’s original mission to create timeless and lasting karat gold jewelry, Oradina now makes their fine jewelry available to you.

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