Direct Gold Pricing


Our longstanding relationships with gold artisans and suppliers allow us to offer you direct gold pricing that other retailers can’t. 

No extra markups. No middlemen.

For 65+ years, our family has worked to build relationships with industry partners, including hosting weekly dinner parties for clients, craftsmen and suppliers. Those same relationships are the force behind our jewelry business today, and we want to extend the benefits of our strong partnerships to you. 


Our Relationships



In Italy, gold is more than just a metal. It’s a symbol of beauty that inspires emotion while heightening elegance, refinement and charm. 


Vicenza: Dating back to the 14th century, Vicenza has been recognized for its traditional gold craftsmanship. Some of our partners were even members of the first goldsmith’s association and mentioned in the town council statute of 1339.

Gold is so ingrained in their culture that roughly 10% of the 100,000-plus population is employed in the jewelry sector. Starting as early as high school, teenagers can replace regular schooling with jewelry studies at the Scuola d’Arte e Mestieri. Vicenza is also famous for Museo del Gioiello, translated as The Museum of Jewelry, which is one of the few museums in the world dedicated to the craft. 

From the town of Bassano del Grappa to Sandrigo, each province comes with its own expertise in production, and we pride ourselves on working with the best. 


Arezzo: The Tuscan hills town of Arezzo has been celebrated for its commitment to creativity and innovation with gold since the 12th century. This is where artisans hone their craft, adding elements and innovation to design gold jewelry as we know it today. Fun fact: nearly 75% of the jewelry firms in Arezzo are small artisan shops. 

Our artisans in San Zeno, a province of Arezzo, create many of the dainty styles for which we have become known. The Monte San Savino region is home to some of our earring artisans who are skilled at creating artistic, lightweight hoops and studs. Finally, we work with artisans in the province Via delle Biole, an area known for its production of beautiful chain bracelets. 


Bologna: For generations, Bologna has housed and protected small, family-owned businesses. Their abundance of ancient shops in existence today provides a glimpse of the city’s century-long history in the trade. 

Many of our rings come from those generations-old businesses. We enjoy doing our part to help keep their family traditions alive and have supported a number of Bologna’s small shops for the past six decades. 



Since 16th-century Ottoman rule, the Turkish elite have used gold as a symbol of wealth and power. Turkish men would buy their wives gold bangles as an investment and a way to flaunt their worth. Over time, these investment pieces turned into works of art.  


Istanbul: Thanks to the Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest and largest markets in the world, Istanbul is a thriving center for international trade. Specializing in ornate gold pieces from bracelets to earrings, they offer a distinct look that rounds out our collection. 


United States

The United States has respected gold as a source of value and stability for centuries, even backing its currency with the metal for over 50 years. Today many states still specialize in gold jewelry manufacturing.  


Rhode Island: Once dubbed the jewelry capital of the world, Providence Rhode Island had its gold jewelry manufacturing heyday in the 1940s. Today the small state is still dotted with factories, each specializing in its craft. 


MassachusettsHome to some of the largest gold refineries in the country, Massachusetts is a large producer of the lightweight gold findings we use to create many of our best selling pieces. 




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