Solid Gold Quality

Made exclusively with 10k, 14k and 18k solid gold, our jewelry shines with rich history, high value and the ability to withstand time and wear. 

We don’t offer any gold plated, gold vermeil or gold-filled jewelry, because those pieces quickly lose their value and initial luster. All three of these substitutes contain a non-gold base metal that is either dipped in or bonded with a thin layer of gold to cover the outside. This type of construction causes the jewelry to oxidize, discolor and even rust from the inside out. Our solid gold pieces will last for generations. 


Gold Plated and Gold Vermeil

Gold Plated jewelry consists of a very thin layer of gold that's electrically charged onto a base metal or sterling silver. If sterling silver is plated in gold, this can also be referred to as “Vermeil.” Gold Plated jewelry is the cheapest and lowest quality of the three metal types. It has an have an average lifespan of up to a year (with minimal exposure to moisture).


Gold Filled

Gold Filled is not the same as Solid Gold. It is a fraction of the cost of Solid Gold and is made by bonding gold to a base metal to give it the appearance of Solid Gold. The process involves a high amount of heat and pressure, and the resultant Gold Filled piece is typically more durable than a Gold Plated piece. However, Gold Filled jewelry does not wear well over time and does not hold value like Solid Gold does. Gold Filled is suitable for fashion jewelry that has a limited lifespan.


Solid Gold

Solid Gold jewelry is just as the name suggests. There are different karats of gold, which determine the amount of gold vs. alloy, as illustrated below.


10k Solid Gold

10k Solid Gold is the most economic option for solid gold jewelry and offers incredible durability for everyday wear. 10 of its 24 parts are pure gold (41.7%), making it a lot tougher than 14k and 18k. With a high resistance to scratching, 10k Solid Gold is the perfect option for those who lead an active lifestyle. Plus, it’s still superior in quality and value to gold plated, gold vermeil and gold-filled pieces — really, there’s no comparison. Verify your piece’s quality by looking for a stamp on it that reads “10k” or “417.”

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14k Solid Gold

14k Solid Gold is one of the most popular choices for everyday fine jewelry because it offers an exceptional balance of wearability and luxury. 14 of its 24 parts are pure gold which makes it stronger and more resistant to scratching than 18k Solid Gold. It also comes at a lower price point than 18k Solid Gold but maintains its high value as a piece to be passed down and cherished. Look for a “14k” or “585” stamp on your piece, which represents a composition of 58.5% pure gold.

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18k Solid Gold

18k Solid Gold is the most luxurious option for fine jewelry. It’s made up of 75% pure gold which you can verify by locating an “18k” or “750” stamp on the piece. 

Since gold is a malleable precious metal, 18k Solid Gold is the purest form you can have in your jewelry. Pure 24k Solid Gold, for instance, will easily bend and scratch, making it too soft to wear. If you’re looking for the purest, most glamorous gold jewelry to wear on a daily basis, our 18k Solid Gold pieces should catch your eye. 

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